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bitxtrade Pte Ltd
132 North Bridge Road,
#03-15 North Bridge Centre,
2 Tampines Central 5,
Singapore -529509
Email:- support@bitxtrade.com


Financial peace isn't the acquisition of stuff. It's learning to live on less than you make, so you can give money back and have money to invest. You can't win until you do this.

 Know what you own, and know why you own it.  Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean  Enjoy your work and work for whom you admire.

The Bitxtrade company was founded in 2015. For a short time, we managed to show our best side and consolidated all the results. We are young and energetic professionals who are always eager to achieve goals. Our managers Daniel Wong —are practicing traders. When Bitcoin project was launched in 2013, we decided to promote this unique platform which is called "world computer." We consider that our aim is to develop it and participate in dynamic cryptocurrency trading. Now, we gradually master possibilities of Bitcoin and share our experience through quality asset management service.

Our trust management principle is using your investment to trade with Bitcoin. The average 60 days income is from 160% to 200%, quarter of which is accrued to investors. Cryptocurrency market allows one to get more profit, but our strategy is intended primarily for the safety of funds.

The benefits of cooperation with Bitxtrade

Asset management Get up to 100% per month in passive mode by investing funds, as well as develop your skills as Bitcoin trader!

Maximum transparency The company provides daily reports on all transactions with Bitcoin, as well as trade forecasts for the future.

Simple and affordable Invest, starting from 0.025 BTC with professional traders. To do this, you do not need knowledge or experience of the trading.

Affiliate program Develop your own team to generate income without investment. Thanks to a multilevel bonus system. Double affiliate program.

The scheme of the company work

Free registration. To open an account, it's sufficient to enter your e-mail.

Transfer of investment funds in trust to our traders.

Trading with Bitcoin on the cryptocurrency exchanges and weekly reporting of traders.

Equal division of final profit between the company and its investors.

Bitxtrade mission

We are committed to the maximum effective popularization of Bitcoin platform, its capabilities and prospects, as well as the implementation of asset management program and obtaining financial gain through trading activities on the cryptocurrency exchanges.

Daniel Wong
Chief Executive Officer.
Bitxtrade team
Allen Liang
Business development manager. Bitxtrade team
Zheng Hao
Developer, Chief of IDE, Blockchain expert. Bitxtrade team
Yuan Sheng Lau
Head of Trading Department. Bitxtrade team
Trading statistics
The average daily profit: +2.3%
The average income for the month: +55.2%
The average income for the year: +662.4%
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Deposit Plan
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Your income is calculated on a basis of average results of daily trades.

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